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November is here and as the seasons change outside the window, so do our own inner feelings and energies. You might have the urge to spend more time cozying up with warm tea, some knitting or a book. Fires may be lit for the first time in woodstoves,  and the time change invites us to go to…

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Heart of the Home Class

April 19~awakening creativity. connecting with nature every day. rejuvenating yourself with creative work. mothering as an art. bringing nature into your home. Our project this month is to co-create a beautiful nature mandala during our conversation time.

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Nurturing the Heart of the Home Classes

Nurturing the Heart of the Home is a monthly class for parents who wish to celebrate the magic found in everyday life with your children all year round. Meeting once a month through the year, we will explore the connection that we are creating for our family within the changing seasons. Each month will have…

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