Printable Blessings for Meal Time

Download our free 3 page collection of meal blessings.

Gratitude, presence and togetherness,  qualities that you can easily invite into your heart with a blessing at meal time. Our three page printable collection of blessings and gratitude are sure to create space for connection at your dinner table.

Other quick tips for a peaceful meal:

  • clear clutter off of the table
  • create a beautiful area with a tablecloth, fresh flowers or a centerpiece
  • light a candle and take a deep breath
  • relax, smile and know that nourishment is more than just food

Please share your meal time blessings with our community on the Mothering Arts Facebook page or snap a photo of your table to share on Instagram #motheringarts #heartofthehome

We will send an email so you can save this PDF to your computer and print it when you're ready 🙂