Camping with Little Ones

  artwork by Kathryn Cole designs Camping with Little Ones For some of us, camping with a little one may sound scary or difficult…the thought of it may stop you from even trying. I hope the pull and magic of mother nature is stronger than any doubts because,YOU CAN DO THIS. Our family loves camping, and…

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Home-Made Cards for Dad

  Father’s Day is on June 19th this year. What are some ways that you can offer a special day for the father in your life? For the past three years we have gone camping with two other families for a long weekend. The dads receive a special Father’s Day fancy dinner over an open…

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Pocket Puppets

  Ah, the magic of wee puppets. These little companions are my helpers who whimsically deliver messages and stories with ease. Why? Because they speak the language of childhood; imagination. A funny fact about me is that i mostly likely have a little friend in my pocket any day of the week. Nibbler mouse, busy…

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April: Cultivating Creativity

“And Spring arose on the garden fair, Like the Spirit of Love felt everywhere; And each flower and herb on Earth’s dark breast rose from the dreams of its wintry rest.” ~ Percy Bysshe Shelley, The Sensitive Plant    Lady spring is here, bringing fresh ideas and budding beauty. April is the perfect time to reconnect…

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March: How to Make a Simple First Aid Kit

      How To Make a Simple Travel First Aid Kit  Spring is here and the great outdoors calls us to come out and play. For our little ones, Mother Nature has everything that one could need, not only to fill up our hearts but also to nurture an ouch, bite or bump. While…

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February: Games & Crafts

For the month of February, we have some sweet games to share with your sweethearts, and some simple crafts to celebrate Valentines Day. Please share your own special games and crafts in the comments.  GAMES AND ACTIVITIES Sweet little Bay The Wind (author unknown) Shhh, say the tall trees blowing in the wind. (Baby is…

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One of the best parts of being at a Mothering Arts circle is  singing together. Ten mamas, ten babies and one very sweet Grandmother gather each week and start our time together in song. Instantly the energy shifts in the room, the babies are smiling, waving arms, kicking legs and visibly comfortable. The mothers are smiling, looking…Read More

Baby’s Body

This Little Cow  A toe touching game like this little piggy, start with the big toe. This little cow eats grass This little cow eats hay This little cow drinks water This little cow moos all day This little cow does nothing, but lies around all day. We’ll chase her, we’ll chase her, and we’ll…Read More

Baby’s Face

The Moon is Round A gentle touching game for baby's face. The moon is round (gently trace around baby's face) The moon is round (repeat) It has two eyes (trace baby's eyebrows) And knows no sound (touch baby's nose, then lips) Eye Winker Eye winker (touch left eyebrow) Tom tinker (touch right eyebrow) Nose smeller…Read More

Little Hands

Open them, close them open them, close them give them a little clap, clap, clap. Open them, close them Open them, close them fold them in your lap, lap, lap. creep them, creep them down your knee creep them, creep them up your chin open up your little mouth and peek right in. Open them,…Read More