Hello, I'm so happy that you found our website.

Mothering Arts is a dynamic idea, ever changing, to support mothers and babies in the first year postpartum to build community, practice supreme self-care and connect deeply with our babies.

Our online training and handbook supports women to create nurturing community gatherings and our local circles are a delightful weekly class for mothers and babies to feel supported.

What is Mothering Arts?

5 petals
Mothering Arts is a wish. A vision. A hope.It’s a wish for all new mothers and their babies to be cared for and nurtured.

It’s a wish for every mother to feel that she is supported and worthy of self-care.

It’s a wish for mothers, babies, elders and wise women to come together share wisdom, nurturing and inspiration within their community.

It’s a wish for new mothers and their babies to have a safe loving space to gather regularly.

A place filled with laughter, new ideas, support, conversation, rejuvenation and at time tears. It is a place where each mother and child is honored and respected as they journey through life together.

Our hope is to empower mothers to trust their inner wisdom rather than seek a “recipe” to follow. Our wish is to re-ignite mother wisdom by connecting women in a community circle of sharing and to encourage women to embrace mothering as a path of self-development.

In our circle we are inclusive, authentic and strive for honest and real connections. Connections with our elders, within our community and of course with our babies.

There are five petals on the flower of Mothering Arts; the mothers, the babies, the group leaders, the grandmothers, and the wise women.

IMG_0960Kerry Ingram

Heading into motherhood as an experienced LifeWays caregiver and Waldorf early childhood teacher, I thought I knew "how things were going to be". Commence laughter. During my pregnancy I must have read a book a week about conscious parenting, child development and many other mindful philosophies that I thought would prepare me for the life altering shift of parenthood. I organized all of my helpful articles and felt like I had been training for this moment for my whole life. As many of you know, when baby came, philosophies, methods and books were the least helpful to me in the first year. What I needed was to connect with my baby (which came naturally) and to learn how to care for myself (which did not come naturally). Sound familiar? Like so many mamas, I was giving every ounce of me and not even thinking about refilling my cup..my cup was certainly in a dirty dish pile somewhere in my kitchen.

Living on the other side of the country from my family, we relied on the community of friends we had cultivated in our home of five years. Luckily, they were amazing! We were fed for three months, the dog walked, my tears wiped, our baby held and cuddled, laundry done, floor swept and even windows washed. Wow, even writing these words I realize how blessed we are for our friends. Beyond these essentials in the first few months, came the collective wisdom of many mothers about breastfeeding, diapering, postpartum body care, staying connected in my relationship, accepting our extended family's ideals (that may or may not jive with our own), nutrition, and most importantly...learning to trust my own instincts. At the root of what I learn each day within my family and in my community is CONNECTION. Rather than listen to agree or disagree with other parents and philosophies, I listen to learn.

I believe that through community, curiosity, and self-care we create our own unique art of mothering...Mothering Arts.

Kerry lives in Northern California with her husband and son. Her education and experience include waldorf early childhood, LifeWays North America, and twelve years working with families and young children. She enjoys gardening, music, hiking, camping and creating magical family experiences.